Travel Guides, Tips, and Advice - A wiki for travelers, the openly editable model allows for complete and comprehensive travel guides for even more obscure locations. - A video-based travel guide with high production values, but no user submitted content. - A great resource for travelers regarding practical information such as airport location, weather, available transportation, etc. Frekfly also makes use of Flickr and Google Maps.  - Create a trip, add flights, hotels, attractions, etc. onto a customized travel guide. You can also share your plans with friends and family. Trip planner and organizer still in beta. A comprehensive, wide-ranged travel guide with good search implementation. Comprehensive road trip planner and travel guide. A social travel guide in which you can write, and update existing articles. Similar to WikiTravel. - Airport review service with integrated Google Maps. Research and plan your travel adventures with guides, videos, maps, reviews, and podcasts. - A community travel review site with a nice interface.  An effective way to share travel experiences. A travel site based on entertainment. A great way to share quick travel tips.  - Share your own, and rate others' travel experiences. Share a wide-range of travel experiences with the community.  share Hotel reviews and travel advice. -  "videoguide" for hotels worldwide, with integrated google maps of course. However, the interface is slightly cluttered and the selection of hotels is limited.  - Travel and hotel advice community.  -  A google maps mashup in which you can correlate your travel experiences. The community can also vote on others' experiences.